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2012 Prophecy
The End is Begun
A comet will come crashing into the ocean causing a great flood, and consequently a tremendous earthquake beyond what humanity has ever witnessed. During all this an overdue polar shift will take place as well as a solar flare knocking out our technology. Our perception of ourselves, one another, and our place on Earth will be permanently altered.

We will WAKE UP.

Human individuals are insignificant in the grand scheme of the universe, no matter how much wealth and attention they've acquired; yet we are all brothers and sisters living archaically.

Many things to do, and the beat goes on... until the beat gets through
As this month comes to a close, I feel as if there is a lot to write, but I have no clue where to begin.  Feels like it's been a while since I really sat down and wrote something.  Looking back, it was 11 days ago...  and all I was trying to do was share a video clip I took 6 years ago, but it evolved into a discussion about a concert I'd attended 3 days prior (I love when stories come full circle).  I believe I was trying to make myself feel better about not going to see Terrible Things that night due to family obligations, but after I hit "post" things actually worked out so I could go.  October 20th turned into quite the solo city adventure full of great conversations and bailing on the PureVolume After Party in search of a toilet.  Terrible Things and Mae were absolutely incredible!  I'm so glad I got a chance to catch the tour in a different atmosphere, and meet new people.

It's probably going to be a bit difficult for me to write articles over the next month.  Life's changing.  I've signed on to several different projects.  I'm also going to attempt to participate in NaNoWriMo.  There's a story that I've had looming in my head for two lifetimes, but honestly, I've been terrified to dig in.  I want to take advantage of the pressure/excitement/community surrounding National Novel Writing Month as an excuse / support to dive in.  In short, it's a challenge to write 50,000 words from November 1st through November 30th.  Over 130,000 other writers have signed up with me to participate in the 11th NaNoWriMo.  I really have no idea what I got myself into (on average gotta write down 1667 words daily to stay on track), but I've got a rough outline (that I compiled a few years ago in a yellow spiral notebook) and a working version of Scrivener NaNoWriMo to dig in at midnight.

Out of 167,150 participants last year 32,178 succeeded.  I don't even care if I fulfill the goal of 50,000 words in 30 days.  I just need to get this story out of me.  It certainly would be nice though!

So I won't be getting much air this month.  Except to take / pick up my nieces and nephew from school and whatever other activities planned in their busy little lives.  Thursday night I'm going down to Nyack to catch Coda's Odyssey at Olive's.  I'm also attending an open house at Art Institute in NYC next weekend to see about further education.  Then November 23rd I'm going up to Poughkeepsie to catch the show I've been dying for since Codeseven announced their reunion...  Animals As Leaders, Codeseven, Dredg, Circa Survive.  I haven't been so excited about seeing four bands together in...  I'm not sure I've ever gone to see a show where I was anxious to see/hear each act on the bill!  (edit: Weerd Science & 3 at Bearsville and Eppard Extravaganza '09 at The Basement were thoroughly fantastic concerts.)  So that should be exciting.

Hopefully theband3 will be putting on their annual Black Friday concert somewhere in Ulster County this year.  I'd leave the house for that for sure!

I'm also working on putting together the Neeshland Presents: Butterflies and Butcher Knives, Vol. 2 (Hudson Valley, NY) digital compilation.

Additionally I'd like to focus on getting the functionality of A Thousand Torches in order.  I'm afraid that the initial capital raised will not cover the bandwidth usage paired with an active forum.  We'll see what happens.  It may be time to begin seeking sponsors.  Wednesday, November 3rd I'm going to post a new unreleased thefamily3 song for streaming and download.  

There's a few business plans for musical projects that require a considerable amount of my brainpower.  I'm really excited about those, but I can't divulge any info yet.  I wouldn't feel right, until the plans become solid and turn into reality.  

Also this month I plan to organize some sort of concert to bring together musical friends from different regions in my hometown in celebration of breathing for a quarter century.  Maybe I'll rent a car for the event!  Ha!  It will likely be the first Thursday or Saturday in Nyack.

Happy Halloween!  Stay safe!

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 experienced an incredible thefamilyt3kend the last Saturday and Sunday in August of 2010.

I drove up to Woodstock, New York to see what was billed as "3 and special guest: Terrible Things."  It turned out though, that Terrible Things had to pull off the bill due to an error in booking.  They were already scheduled to perform at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (about 3 hours away).  The Ricochet took their timeslot.  I've seen that band before, their music is a lot of (heartfelt) fun and this last-minute performance was no different.  The majority of the music was written by Jacob Daniel (formerly of The Astronauts) and multiple instruments were recorded on the EP, "Don't Feel" by 3's bassist, Daniel Grimsland.  The drummer in the band now, Anthony Massai was also 3's drum tech during the Progressive Nation Tour era.  The Ricochet got the show poppin.

Between sets in ran into John The Baker, who's had plenty of history in the city of Woodstock, but currently resides in the San Francisco Bay area in California.  We talked about stuff, and how the Broken Radio was about to start any minute...  when Joey Eppard and his father, Jimmy Eppard (John's older brother) pulled JTB aside to have what appeared like a very serious conversation.  John shot me the horns, then disappeared.  Next thing I knew, JTB was on the stage of Bearsville Theater, performing a song he'd just recently written...  upon the birth of his grandnephew, Julian James. 

3 didn't mess around once they took the stage.  Immediately they reminded me why they're the best live band out there, and busted into 2 new songs.  
They must've played like 7 new songs

Terrible Things...

Julian James
Crack Baby
Jesus Was A Punk

9/17 - Cosmonaut @ Lit Lounge
9/18 - Shwizz @ some warehouse in Brooklyn
9/19 - 3, PEACEBOMB (reunion!!!) and a bunch of other bands I never thought I'd see... all in honor of Jason Foster who passed nearly a year ago R.I.P.
9/23 - Coda's Odyssey @ Olives
10/11 - Jimmy Eat World @ The Electric Factory
10/17 - Mae, Terrible Things @ School of Rock East
10/23 - The Ataris, Nightmares For A Week @ Bogies
10/24 - The Ataris, Nightmares For A Week @ The Basement
11/23 - Circa Survive, Dredg, Codeseven @ The Chance

creepy... I want more.
Hudson Valley
Suburban girl in NYC.  2 shows, 1 night.  Is it possible?  I'll let you know.

get to Cake Shop on Ludlow Street by 8pm to see Nightmares For A Week followed by By Land Or Sea.

Immediately travel a mile to The Studio at Webster Hall to catch Cosmonaut's 11pm set.

Hop a train to White Plains.

Drive home.

By Land or Sea - The Gimme Gimmes
filmed by Music For End Times

Nightmares For A Week - Under The Wait
filmed by Bears With Wings

gig poster - Cosmonaut

If I don't make it, at least you know what I intended to do in my last hours.

music to check out
Hudson Valley
Tonight I'm heading out to Indigo Paradise in Nyack to see Nightmares For a Week and The Tattle Tales, and if I can afford it- a copy of The Tattle Tales' new EP Moon Glasses. The gig is actually their record release / hometown-before-embarking-on-summer-tour show. I'm stoked! Been aching to see NFAW again and I didn't even realize they were playing so close! Whenever I check out their tour schedule no shows are less than an hour away. And The Tattle Tales... I haven't heard anything from them in years!

I've got too many tabs open on Firefox... When I get the time I want to lend an ear to

Titus Andronicus
Julie Slick

Hopefully I can make it to Woodstock tomorrow night to see the first third Saturday tradition of Joey Eppard & friends plus The Bergkamp Brothers Band. From what I gather, it's pay what you may for the night. I'm broke as shit, but still try to support the artists I dig so they can keep doing what they do! For the rest of the summer they'll be performing on the third saturday of every month at Woodstock Harmony. Sounds like fun- and I'm super eager to see who the "and friends" will be!

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"Don't think about what you are doing; just continue to do it. Logic is usually an essential tool for making a decision. Unfortunately, now it will only muddle your path with confusion. For the present moment, actions really do speak louder than words." -excerpt from my Horoscope today. Sounds good, I've been doing this since last night.

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Hudson Valley
2009 feels like a distant memory already.  Dark season's lifting.  Exciting new potential exploding all around.  <3 my music family, thefamily3.  Forward is our only course.

These songs must die already.
Please?  I can't take it anymore!

Ke$ha - Tik Tok
I thought the song was cute and fun and dancy at first.  Her awful singing gave me hope that maybe one day even I can record a single.  But now I can't turn on the radio and not hear it.  It's all over E!  My 11 year old nephew is into it.  My 3 & 4 year old nieces loooove it.  WTF.  This song's about being a drunken whore!  I rather "Boom Boom Pow" at this point.  I'll be satisfied if she falls off the map as a one-hit wonder and back into oblivion singing hooks and background vox.

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
I like Lady Gaga and her whole, "I'm me, take it or leave it" attitude...  but this song irks the fuck out of me.

Jay-Z + Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind
I love New York.  I've lived here my whole life.  I'm a non-drug hustler.  I'm not that into baseball, though I do own some Yankee hats.  There's MUCH more to the Empire state than the shitty (city).  Enough already!  Well, fine.  I get it.  It's a classic.  Rags to riches.  Really sweet chorus.  I don't want to hear it anymore.  Far too overplayed.

Iyaz - Replay
I just had to look that up.  But holy crap- GET THE FUCK OFF THE RADIO

Anything by Rihanna
I hated her from the start.  Fell in love with her for a minute.  Despise her again.  Shut the fuck up.  You've got a mononym that you will not let us forget cause you repeat it over and over and over and over.  Shut the fuck up.

Owl City - Fireflies
I was into it.  I thought the song was cute, the video was cute and gave props to the guy for getting it so far...  but this song really does not warrant constant airplay.

Songs these days are so...  dumb.  Awful lyrics.  Terrible music.

That being said...  I have no problem hearing
Britney Spears - 3
Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
over and over and over and over and over.

Oh and what the fuck is up with that Timbaland song comparing sex to food?  Does he really miss being a fat slob that much?

And that Orianthi - According to You...  Please tell me she's 15 years old, because those lyrics are fucking dreadful.  Okay so mama can shred- but what a lame fucking song.  It follows the Kelly Clarkson structural formula to a T!

What do I expect, listening to the radio anyway?  What a mean post.  I'm sorry to everyone involved in these songs.  This isn't very nice.  I need to hear
Weerd Science - Conspiracy Theories w/Out Mel Gibson
3 - Alien Angel
3 - All That Remains
Weerd Science - Clap if You <3 Someone
some mother fuckin' Joey Eppard
Terrible Things :)
Session 606
Cage - I Never Knew You
Kiss Kiss
Portugal. The Man
on the freakin' radio.

I wouldn't mind hearing Inna - Hot some more.  Or hearing Anjulie - Rain.  Those are a breath of fresh air.

I think it's time for a new mix CD.  The last one stayed in my mom's car for me to listen to with the girls.  Now my nieces love Dredg and The Get Up Kids.


not allowed to embed Anjulie.  Too good not to click.

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the brighter side
Hudson Valley
Negativity spreads faster than wildfire.  Stay positive and you'll see, the universe opens up to you.  Nothing is instantaneous.


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