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These songs must die already.
Please?  I can't take it anymore!

Ke$ha - Tik Tok
I thought the song was cute and fun and dancy at first.  Her awful singing gave me hope that maybe one day even I can record a single.  But now I can't turn on the radio and not hear it.  It's all over E!  My 11 year old nephew is into it.  My 3 & 4 year old nieces loooove it.  WTF.  This song's about being a drunken whore!  I rather "Boom Boom Pow" at this point.  I'll be satisfied if she falls off the map as a one-hit wonder and back into oblivion singing hooks and background vox.

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
I like Lady Gaga and her whole, "I'm me, take it or leave it" attitude...  but this song irks the fuck out of me.

Jay-Z + Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind
I love New York.  I've lived here my whole life.  I'm a non-drug hustler.  I'm not that into baseball, though I do own some Yankee hats.  There's MUCH more to the Empire state than the shitty (city).  Enough already!  Well, fine.  I get it.  It's a classic.  Rags to riches.  Really sweet chorus.  I don't want to hear it anymore.  Far too overplayed.

Iyaz - Replay
I just had to look that up.  But holy crap- GET THE FUCK OFF THE RADIO

Anything by Rihanna
I hated her from the start.  Fell in love with her for a minute.  Despise her again.  Shut the fuck up.  You've got a mononym that you will not let us forget cause you repeat it over and over and over and over.  Shut the fuck up.

Owl City - Fireflies
I was into it.  I thought the song was cute, the video was cute and gave props to the guy for getting it so far...  but this song really does not warrant constant airplay.

Songs these days are so...  dumb.  Awful lyrics.  Terrible music.

That being said...  I have no problem hearing
Britney Spears - 3
Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
over and over and over and over and over.

Oh and what the fuck is up with that Timbaland song comparing sex to food?  Does he really miss being a fat slob that much?

And that Orianthi - According to You...  Please tell me she's 15 years old, because those lyrics are fucking dreadful.  Okay so mama can shred- but what a lame fucking song.  It follows the Kelly Clarkson structural formula to a T!

What do I expect, listening to the radio anyway?  What a mean post.  I'm sorry to everyone involved in these songs.  This isn't very nice.  I need to hear
Weerd Science - Conspiracy Theories w/Out Mel Gibson
3 - Alien Angel
3 - All That Remains
Weerd Science - Clap if You <3 Someone
some mother fuckin' Joey Eppard
Terrible Things :)
Session 606
Cage - I Never Knew You
Kiss Kiss
Portugal. The Man
on the freakin' radio.

I wouldn't mind hearing Inna - Hot some more.  Or hearing Anjulie - Rain.  Those are a breath of fresh air.

I think it's time for a new mix CD.  The last one stayed in my mom's car for me to listen to with the girls.  Now my nieces love Dredg and The Get Up Kids.


not allowed to embed Anjulie.  Too good not to click.

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