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music to check out
Hudson Valley
Tonight I'm heading out to Indigo Paradise in Nyack to see Nightmares For a Week and The Tattle Tales, and if I can afford it- a copy of The Tattle Tales' new EP Moon Glasses. The gig is actually their record release / hometown-before-embarking-on-summer-tour show. I'm stoked! Been aching to see NFAW again and I didn't even realize they were playing so close! Whenever I check out their tour schedule no shows are less than an hour away. And The Tattle Tales... I haven't heard anything from them in years!

I've got too many tabs open on Firefox... When I get the time I want to lend an ear to

Titus Andronicus
Julie Slick

Hopefully I can make it to Woodstock tomorrow night to see the first third Saturday tradition of Joey Eppard & friends plus The Bergkamp Brothers Band. From what I gather, it's pay what you may for the night. I'm broke as shit, but still try to support the artists I dig so they can keep doing what they do! For the rest of the summer they'll be performing on the third saturday of every month at Woodstock Harmony. Sounds like fun- and I'm super eager to see who the "and friends" will be!


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