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 experienced an incredible thefamilyt3kend the last Saturday and Sunday in August of 2010.

I drove up to Woodstock, New York to see what was billed as "3 and special guest: Terrible Things."  It turned out though, that Terrible Things had to pull off the bill due to an error in booking.  They were already scheduled to perform at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (about 3 hours away).  The Ricochet took their timeslot.  I've seen that band before, their music is a lot of (heartfelt) fun and this last-minute performance was no different.  The majority of the music was written by Jacob Daniel (formerly of The Astronauts) and multiple instruments were recorded on the EP, "Don't Feel" by 3's bassist, Daniel Grimsland.  The drummer in the band now, Anthony Massai was also 3's drum tech during the Progressive Nation Tour era.  The Ricochet got the show poppin.

Between sets in ran into John The Baker, who's had plenty of history in the city of Woodstock, but currently resides in the San Francisco Bay area in California.  We talked about stuff, and how the Broken Radio was about to start any minute...  when Joey Eppard and his father, Jimmy Eppard (John's older brother) pulled JTB aside to have what appeared like a very serious conversation.  John shot me the horns, then disappeared.  Next thing I knew, JTB was on the stage of Bearsville Theater, performing a song he'd just recently written...  upon the birth of his grandnephew, Julian James. 

3 didn't mess around once they took the stage.  Immediately they reminded me why they're the best live band out there, and busted into 2 new songs.  
They must've played like 7 new songs

Terrible Things...

Julian James
Crack Baby
Jesus Was A Punk

9/17 - Cosmonaut @ Lit Lounge
9/18 - Shwizz @ some warehouse in Brooklyn
9/19 - 3, PEACEBOMB (reunion!!!) and a bunch of other bands I never thought I'd see... all in honor of Jason Foster who passed nearly a year ago R.I.P.
9/23 - Coda's Odyssey @ Olives
10/11 - Jimmy Eat World @ The Electric Factory
10/17 - Mae, Terrible Things @ School of Rock East
10/23 - The Ataris, Nightmares For A Week @ Bogies
10/24 - The Ataris, Nightmares For A Week @ The Basement
11/23 - Circa Survive, Dredg, Codeseven @ The Chance


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